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Beware If you see this plastic hook in a toilet or changing room

Beware! If you see this plastic hook in a toilet or changing room, report it immediately

These non-hazard plastic hooks are new era, high-tech surveillance cameras know that 'spy' hook can be connected anywhere. Small holes on the top can easily be mistaken for a small nail or screw, which can be brought to the door or wall
There is enough time when people have been warned of spying gadgets to change rooms. While mostly used smoke detectors and double-sided mirrors, there are now detective hooks which can be easily available in the market, which can be potentially dangerous for those who do not go to changing rooms or bathrooms. Remember the recent events of filming guests without the knowledge or permission of their residents?
Okay, these hooks have a small camera, mic and memory card that records every movement and conversation around. Now, someone can argue that these gadgets can be used for security purposes, and this will not be wrong, but the probability of misuse is quite high.
Generally, we have hotel rooms for a hidden camera, toilets and changing rooms, but what we have we hang our belongings which oversees never hooks? Well, you should make these non-risk-looking plastic hook new age, high-tech surveillance to know the camera 'Spy' hook could be anywhere added. Small hole at the top, was a short cord or could easily be mistaken for a screw that can be brought to the door or wall
Hooks are widely available in India and can be purchased online and they are not expensive, priced between Rs. 1300 and Rs. 5500, can work in motion sensor, full HD camera, up to 32 GB without expanded memory and flash light. Are you Yes, just by inserting a small micro-SD card, the person who hooks up can get all the data by using a USB cable or by transferring to a computer. And when we were searching online for such hooks, we actually came in the spy camera socket!


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