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Gujara Modi uses phone a friend lifeline to remember connections

Kaun jeetega Gujarat: Modi uses phone-a-friend lifeline to remember old connections:

Hello, the Prime Minister is on the line

Narendra Modi is slamming his strength with his phone with the grassroots BJP workers of his home state, one weapon that Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi can miss in his arsenal in the fight for Gujarat.

The BJP's biggest crowd-wielding party workers are calling for individually combining innovative techniques like 3D holographic projections and "Chai Pe Charch" meetings in their high-performance campaigns and rallies, which they have done in their successful 2014 parliamentary elections Had used before.

"These private calls by the Prime Minister are making a big impact on both the party and the people of Gujarat, whose approach is adding new energy to our strong organizational network. This proves that why he has left the people leader in opposition to Rahul Gandhi "BJP media cell in-charge Harshad Patel said.

Phone-A-Friend's tactics are seen as an attempt to recall the old connections and highlight their ability to burn emotional bonds for high stakes of December 9 and December 14 in Gujarat, which they see as 2001. From 2014 till the Chief Minister was ruled as Chief Minister.

Calls are for the presence of the growing social media of Gandhi and the Congress supported online campaign - Vikas Gando Thai Gayo Che, or Vikal has gone crazy - gaining popularity

It is also an opponent against Gandhi's outreach during a recent visit to the state, where he served tea party on the tea party with the family of the party worker in Jamnagar and Navratri worship at Garba festival in Rajkot.

Audio clips of Modi's call to two party workers in Gujarat have been widely shared on social media networks.

In the first clip, he is talking to BJP General Secretary Gopal Gohil, who is a shopkeeper in Vadodara in Vadodara


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