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Most important revelation in all of today Trump-Russia news

This could be the most important revelation in all of today’s Trump-Russia news:

In the investigation of the Special Counsel Robert Muller, there is a revelation between new incidents, which is particularly dramatic.

Here's what: A low-level Trump consultant was told in April 2016 that Russia had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton as "thousands of emails".

This is probably an important piece of important information that raises even more questions about it, in fact, the Trump campaign knew about Russian efforts to abandon and release the Russian Democrat's email - and did they anyhow Whether or not this support has been given or advised.

In the question Trump Advisor George Papdopoulos - is a foreign policy adviser for the campaign, which was disclosed in a document on Monday, was arrested in July for giving false statements to the FBI, and now has an agreement to do this. is. Collaborating with investigations of Mueller in Russian intervention

Papadopoulos now believes in Russia as a Trump consultant for various contacts with Russia during his tenure, but most eyebrow-up revelation is related to the conversation with anyone, in the form of a "professor" in the charge document , Recognized by the Russian government as Professor (identified as Joseph Mifsud by the Washington Post) told Paddopolos that the Russians " Dugi ", that" the Russians were Clinton's emails "and" they have thousands of emails. "

This charging document describes further, Papadopoulos's contact with other campaign officials, as he attempted unsuccessful for the candidate to try to travel to Russia.

But separate from this mention, the document has become silent about the obvious question whether Papadopoulos told other advisers of the Trump Campaign what he had heard about Clinton's email "dirt".

This is an important question - and its answer can be important for investigation.

Can this all come back to the email, at the end?
Questions about Trump, Russia and 2016 campaign are often prepared to be "match". But in addition to not having a legal word in reality, it is also an ambiguous term.

For example, some argued that Donald Trump, Jr., Manfort and July were the evidence of a union between a Russian lawyer. Eventually, the lawyer was asked to work with the Russian government, and to keep Negative information on Hillary Clinton and they had this meeting, so some say, is not it?

But so far, it has not been shown that there was really some significant result in the meeting, all the parties involved in it claim that it was brief and unaware - one of the quick things in the fast fire campaign - and so far, anybody Not to come up with any information to prove it separately.

To really solve the political situation for this scandal and to put Trump President in danger, there should be some more lies and concrete evidence for this.

And it always seems that a prospect email for that fatal and solid thing would be hacks.

Russia's hacks and prominent Democrats email leaks, most notably the Democratic National Committee (whose email was leaked online in July 2016) and Clinton's campaign president John Podesta (whose email was posted in the last week of the election by WikiLeaks) , Something that was not only scandalous but also illegal

And if the Trump Campaign or Trump's associates were involved in hacking and leaking in any way or they were included - whatever they have rejected - this will increase the scam completely to the new level

Pauldollos told about this Russian "dirt" on Clinton?
Now the news is that as Papadopoulos back in April 2016, a source from the source of the connection of the Russian government has heard that Russians had "dirt" on Hillary Clinton as "thousands of emails".

Overall, the charging document portrays Papdopoulos, as determined by the Trump campaign itself to be assigned, repeatedly about its contact with the Russians. So it certainly seems impossible that he will keep this potentially important news - that thousands of Russians had email related to Clinton! - For the same.

And it presents the possibility that before the start of spreading the e-mail leak in the summer of 2016, top trump consultants were informed about this matter.


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