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Apple iPhone X Face ID How it works security features

Apple iPhone X’s Face ID: How it works, security features and everything else:

Apple iPhone X (iPhone 10) will go on sale from November 3. In India, the initial price of the iPhone X is Rs 89,000. One of the main features of Apple iPhone X is that there is no TouchID in it, instead it comes with Face ID. This is a new form of biometric recognition to unlock the device. Like Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the S8 series, the iPhone X will recognize a user's face and unlock the iPhone.
But how safe is the Face ID on Apple iPhone X? How to handle Apple privacy issues to store such information? In September this year, the company had put together a detailed paper explaining security features with Apple Face ID. Here is a detailed information on some questions and answers for the convenience of Face ID of Apple iPhone X.
Apple iPhone X: What is the face ID really and how does it work?
Face ID relies on a group of hardware including a trawd camera, infrared camera, dot projector and flood aluminator to identify a user's face. The dot projector introduces more than 30,000 invisible points on the user's face to create a map of your face. Infrared camera then reads the dot pattern and captures the infrared image, which again sends it "safe enclave in the A11 bionic chip" so that the face is confirmed and it can match it against the stored data.


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