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Cashless transactions will be your income it will also benefit

Cashless transactions will be your income  it will also benefit:

A banquet held in November last year has played an important role in promoting cashless transactions in the country. For this reason, Bhim App like Mobile Wallet and Airtel Payment Bank has started in the country.

These enterprises have not only provided cashless transactions for you, but have also given the people the opportunity to earn some money. Even if these income is not in thousands of rupees, but those who want income from additional income, they definitely got the opportunity.
On the other hand, cashless transactions have given people the opportunity to take advantage of several proposals. With these offers you can take many benefits. After this we are telling you how you can earn cashless transactions. With this, know what you have to offer
Google Fast: In recent times, Google has brought its' UP app 'Sharp', you can not easily make cashless transactions, but you can earn up to Rs.1000 through referrals. In fact Google gives you 51 rupees for each referral

In addition to the referral program, the Google Rewards Program is also underway. According to the information given on Google's official travel page, you will receive a scratch card in each app with each transaction. With the help of this card you get Rs. Can win up to. 1000
Lucky can give Rs 1 lakh per Sunday: According to the support page, your weekly transaction through the app can earn up to 1 lakh. For this, 'Lucky Sunday' will be offered every Sunday, in which one of you can also become a weekly transaction winner.

Bhima App also offers a chance: Like Google's 'fast' app, the government's Bhima app also gives you the opportunity to earn money for referrals. Bhima App is mentioning your friends, you get 10 rupees per referrals.

Speaking about the Bhim App Referral Program, Modi himself said, if the students want, they can easily earn 200 rupees per month.

Indian Railways has introduced the Lucky Draw scheme. Under this, the Railways are giving some people an opportunity to travel freely every month. For this, you must first pay with these apps during tickets booking. If you prove to be a winner in it, then the entire rent will be refunded.


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