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Chinese Spendingbillions of online shopping on ALIBABA

 Chinese Spending billions of online shopping on ALIBABA:

Chinese consumers are spending billions of dollars by purchasing anything from diapers to diamonds for diamonds on "single day" on one day of promotions that grow in the world's largest e-commerce program.

China's largest e-commerce giant Alibaba Group said that the number of retailers on their platforms exceeded 130 billion yuan ($ 20 billion) on its platform by Saturday evening in the beginning of midnight on Friday. Last year, Alibaba's platform sales were more than 120.7 billion yuan, which is a record for the company.

Comparing, according to Adobe last year, American shopkeepers spent more than $ 5 billion in shopping online on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, who tracks such data. Shoppers spent $ 3.39 billion on Cyber ​​Monday last year, which was the largest single online shopping day in America, Adobe said.

In China, Alibaba's main rival, online retailer Jedi Dot Com said that the sale is at the top of $ 16.7 billion - although the length is not comparable because Jedi has started the transaction from the 1st day on November 1.

From Friday midnight, diamonds, frozen salmon from Chile, tires, diapers, beers, shoes, handbags, and equipment were sent out of JD Dot's distribution centers on a truck tied for delivery across China.
China is already the world's largest e-commerce market and the share of online shopping increases in consumer spending every year. The Boston Consulting Group estimates that online spending will rise by 20 percent and reach 1.6 trillion by 2020, while the offline retail segment will increase by 6 percent.

In the 1990s, Singles Day was started as a version of Valentine's Day for people without romantic partners.
Zhang Jingjing, a 30-year-old clerk for an engineering company, is preparing for a single day looking at a shopping list on TML, retail market at Alibaaba and looking for prices fall. He then clicks and snaps a long-lasting item on a discount

Zheng said, "I have often emptied my shopping cart on Singles Day." "I've been looking for those things for a long time and know their core values ​​well."
The expenditure promotes the efforts of the ruling Communist Party to boost consumer-based economic growth and reduce dependence on trade and investment. According to official statistics, China has 631 million Internet users in 2016



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