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vehicles but there is no insurance Here what the Modi government

Do you have cars, bikes or other vehicles but there is no insurance? Here's what the Modi government is doing to track you...

If you have a car, bike or any other vehicle, but there is no insurance, then this is a must read for you. Now, the Narendra Modi government is planning to track criminals. According to a report in TOI, the Ministry of Road Transport has asked insurance companies to share details of insurance vehicles with the government. The big move by the government came in the wake of mounting concern on cars, bikes and other vehicles, which are running on the roads but there is no compulsory insurance in it too. Ministry of Road Transport is planning to cite this data on unauthorized vehicles on an online platform - website. This data can be used by every state transport department and traffic police to catch those people who have not renewed their insurance policy. At present, the agencies have physically examined the insurance cover. According to the report, around 65 million vehicles cover insurance but 21 million registered vehicles are in total. It is worth noting that running a vehicle without third party (TP) insurance is a crime and imposes up to Rs 1,000 fine. Apart from this, there is a potential period of three months in prison.
In the month of August, the Supreme Court issued several guidelines in which insurance companies will not renew the insurance of the car unless the owner provides pollution control (PUC) certificate.
Earlier, the Lok Sabha had cleared the bill for radical reforms in the transport sector, which would increase manifold for violation of traffic, compensation of Rs 5 lakh for serious injuries, and to investigate fake licenses and vehicle theft. The bill, which wants to amend the 30-year automotive act, 1988, also demands 100 percent e-governance and will give maximum liability of Rs 10 lakh for third party insurance in case of death in motor accident.
The bill was passed by a voice after defeating many opposition amendments passed by a member of CPI (M) on increasing the indemnity in the case of the opposition, it was defeated by 37 votes and against 221.


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