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India sets Guinness world record with 918 kg khichdi

India sets Guinness world record with 918 kg khichdi:

India has set up a Guinness world record through a 918 kg Khachadi, a traditional multi-grain dish cooking in the global food program organized by the government in the national capital on Saturday.

A team of 50 people led by celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor and NGO Akshaya Petra oversee the preparation of the night and Yoga Guru Ramdev crowned the world at the Indian Food Program in Tadka which will end on Sunday.

Khakhdi was steam-cooked in a giant wound that weighed about 1,200 kg. Of these, the heat alone was 343 kilograms. The dish was prepared using multi-grains like rice, pulses, coarse cereals and vegetables.
We are still waiting for some piece of evidence. For the time being, I am happy to announce that this (Khichdi) Guinness World won the title of 918 kg, "Guinness World

In the event, Project Manager of Records, Paulina Spinska said in this incident. The minimum requirement was 500 kg for making a world record. The cooked dish, however, weighed more than the target of 800 kg set by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Other prominent chefs including Imtiaz Qureshi, Ranvir Brar, Sudhir Sibal, Rakesh Sethi, Akshay Nayyar, Satish Gowda also help in cooking the dish.

"Khukri is a healthy and fragrant, it depends on food supplements, it is rich with all nutrition," Ramdev said while tinkling in the dish.

He has done a good step in promoting Khatdi as a 'Brand India', not only for domestic but also for promoting healthy superfood in the international market.

Food Processing Minister Harsimr Kaur Badal, who was putting hand in Khachadi's cooking, said: "It is nutritious food because it contains most nutrients, it is also a symbol of the unity of the country in diversity."
Khachadi will be distributed to orphans by Akshaya Belt Foundation and about 60,000 people of Gurdwara.

"We promote international foods in India and this is an opportunity for us to showcase our superfoods for the world," said Kapoor, who is the Brand Ambassador of Great India Food Street in the program.

In the Quraishi, ITC Hotel, Master Maharaj praised the Government's initiative to promote Indian food items and to recognize the talent of Indian chef.

He said that the new age chefs are giving a new look to this dish all over the world and these days are being eaten in an interesting way.

Meanwhile, Food Processing State Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Danish Food Minister Asben Lunde Larsen, ITC CEO Sanjeev Puri, Tata Chemicals COO Richa Arora, LT Foods Chairman Vijay Arora and Akshay Petra Foundation officials were present.
Mega Khachadi preparation was part of 'Great Indian Food Street' in the global event, which was organized by the industry body CII, which offers traditional food facilities from more than 20 states.

Take a three-month plan and several tests in an effort to save 800 kg. Dish and recipe by Indian foreign missions and the government will be popular to ensure part of the restaurant and kitchen around the world.


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