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OnePlus 5T Release Date will be 16 november

OnePlus 5T Release Date Update - 16 NOVEMBER

OnePlus fans now know the release date of OnePlus5T, and they can get a glimpse of how the greatest  Android phones  look.

OnePlus 5T release date has been confirmed by the Chinese smartphone start-up, with a launch event for the next device running the next week.

Oneplus fans will be able to get their hands on the OnePlus 5T on the release date of November 21 and will soon get their first official glimpse.

A launch event for OnePlus 5T is being held on 16 November in Brooklyn, New York - where fans can be expected to know about the price and features.

But before the big revelations, oneplus fans have been given a glimpse which can look like an upcoming Android phone.

According to The Wealz, OnePlus Phone has recently mirrored the design of another smartphone manufacturer's opposition.

Both are owned by leading Chinese technology producer BBK Electronics.

In the beginning of this year when OnePlus 5 was released, people saw that this Oppo R11 was a very similar design, although it was 0.5mm thin.

And it seems that the design trend is set to continue

Tech Tipster Ivan Blas, who has an impressive track record of being right, has recently tweeted a picture of the Top half of OnePlus 5T

This was before the device was officially confirmed by OnePlus.

But eagle-eyed smartphone fans have seen that in the top part of it, it appears very closely to the opposition ROS S, which was revealed earlier this week.

OnePlus 5T release date and launch event was reported on the company's website on a new page.

OnePlus 5T promises a teaser page "A New View" for the launch event

The OnePlus 5T disclosure starts from 11 a.m. on November 16th, which is 4:00 GMT.

According to the latest leaks, the OnePlus 5T shows a 21-inch X-to-80 resolution and a display with a growth of six inches with an 18: 9 aspect ratio.
Many rival smartphone companies such as Apple, HTC and Google have left the 3.5mm socket, but OnePlus does not think that such a good idea.

In the post Mr. Lau said: "In the past, we have made some jokes on this subject, but today I wanted to go deeper in our decision to keep a 3.5mm headphone jack.

"Whether it is in the hardware or software sector, our focus is on producing the best product experiences.

"Every feature is removed or added, based on our understanding of user requirements. For the time being, we think it is best to stay with the headphone jack."

Prices for OnePlus 5 are stated on £ 449, so it is likely that 5T will launch at a higher price point


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