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Samsung Galaxy S9 release date price review and specificationleak

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date price review and specifications leak

Samsung Galaxy S9 is the next big thing for Samsung, and there is already no lack of publicity - especially now Apple has released its new flagship, iPhone X. How can both be compared? In this article, we will tell you that you need to know about the Galaxy S 9, which includes

The latest Samsung Galaxy S9 Leak is related to a Samsung patent that describes a smartphone-based environmental sensor that tracks the quality of the air. Read on to find out more.

Samsung has shifted from power with power, and is arguably the most successful Android phone manufacturer of the year. The company constantly changes the high quality flagship phone, which always reviews well in its tests, so it is right to say that we are excited to see what is next.

The work principle is that Samsung is planning to release a new top-end phone called Samsung Galaxy S9 in the early days of next year - we will go into more features at the launch time of this page. The handset is expected to introduce many hardware and software upgrades, and possibly a new design.

It is not difficult to understand a clear pattern: The huge number of announcements of the Samsung Galaxy S phone occurs in February or March, and usually happens with Barcelona's annual Mobile World Congress Technology Trondov.

Likewise, the vast majority of actual retail reserves are either in April or March, so both are a safe bet

The good news is that we have dates of Mobile World Congress next year: It runs from February 26 to March 1, 2018. Simultaneously, we were expecting the date for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9 on February 26, 2018.

Well, in May of this year, Korea's The Bell reported that Samsung is already working on Samsung Galaxy S9 under the codenames of 'Star' and 'Star 2' - to denote standard and 'plus' versions for.

It has also been written in the post that development is ahead of time compared to previous years, although it is worth taking with salt pinch.

After this in September, the investor of Korea said that the display used in the Galaxy S9 will be ready by November, which means that we can already see the initial launch. For reference, the Galaxy S8 launched in March, whose report came in January after its release. Therefore, we may be ready to launch the Galaxy S 9 in January or early February 2018, if Samsung follows the same timeline

According to the Sammobile report at the end of September 2017, Samsung has already started development on firmware for two Samsung Galaxy S9 models. For reference, Sambobal is an expert Samsung Blog which has a very accurate track record for the Samsung Mobile Leak.


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