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Snapchat's latest feature

Snapchat's latest feature 

The enhanced reality-operated lenses and filters of snapchat  can be some of the creative advertising products, but advertisers have not used their returns on investment for long periods of time.
It is ready to change, with Snapchat rolling out the reference card for its sponsored lenses and filters.

Starting today, advertisers can add reference cards to their lenses and filters for free, providing users more information about lenses and they can play together. Users can swipe on a friend's snap, which includes a sponsored lens or filter, and unlocks snapchats and opens the linked website URL.

But more importantly, referral cards track advertisers directly to their ROI (return on investment). Up to now, advertisers can use sponsored lenses and filters to track engagement: the number of people who played with them, and how long, but now, they will be able to decide whether they really have filters and lenses Have started taking action, such as a click on a shopping or a website.
What are reference cards?

Lensgate Context Card based on Vendor's ticket booking site.
Reference card for lens and filter is essentially Snapchat in a shopping vehicle and a place where brands can track ROI directly
A movie studio that runs a lens for the upcoming movie, for example, can add a reference card, which is a link to a website that sells tickets for the movie. Or a makeup brand can run a filter by pressing a new lipstick, and then link to the website where the user who tap the reference card can get a discount coupon and buy it.
Entertainment company Lensgate is the first brand to run a reference card along with a lens. The company is attaching a reference card for its upcoming movie "Wonder" on Monday, which opens on Friday. The lens celebrates "World Dayness Day", and if the user wants to hit the reference card, then it leads to a URL where they can add their location, watch the screening times and buy tickets. It is the twelfth lens that Lenziget has run on Snapchat so far.
Worldwide Digital Marketing Executive Vice President Daniel DePalma said, "We are excited to be the first brand partner to add a reference card to our Snapchat lens." "We are thrilled that this format can now increase viewers on scale on our website, learn more or buy tickets to our film."
Context cards increase Snapchat from a single engagement to a platform that advertisers can actually use to drive and track returns on their expenditures. And in doing so, it decides what is the biggest challenge of the date.

"It's a great step, especially at a time when brand marketing is raising questions on their role in the ecosystem," said President Tom Buntampo in Advertising Agency Attention. "The more they can show that they really want their advertisers to Can help run a business, more advertisers are more likely to get revenues. "

Snapchat has already introduced a reference card last month, so that users have to shoot swiftly to see relevant information about the location, reviews, contact information, directions, etc. of photos or video snap messages without leaving the app. The first step marks the first step to monetize the reference card format of the lens and filter. From this step snapchat has been shown that sponsored lenses and filter campaigns can actually take an action.
The right thing to snap at the right time is
It comes at a good time for snap, because things have not been seen at all for the company recently. Since being public in March, Snap has reported a dismal loss of revenue, which comes with slow user development, recently declined by 443 million dollars in the third quarter.

Bountempo said, "It takes people to drive under the procurement funnel." The more you can prove direct attribution, the more likely it is that you understand the advertisers from an experimental platform. More, and boost your own bottom line. "
Snap CEO Ivan Spiceel also seems excited about the product. Called on the company's third quarter revenue earnings on November 8, he said that reference cards represent "next generation" of their augmented reality products.
He said, "We will build on top of the context card framework with additio
nal partners because we learn more from our community how they want to use this new product." "With all snapshots and stories seen on our service every day, reference cards give you a unique opportunity to translate whatever you see on the screen - whether online or in the world around you."


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