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India High Middle Income Economy By 2047 the World Bank says

To become India's High Middle Income Economy By 2047, the World Bank says: Details here

Appreciating the "extraordinary achievement" of India, which doubled the per capita income for the reforms made in the last three decades, World Bank Chief Executive Officer Christina Georgiev said that most people in India are from the global middle class Will be the part. Georgiane commented on the 100th anniversary of independence in India's business reform organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. In a report released on October 31, India moved to the top 100 world bank's easy business rankings, ranking its ranking in the 130th rank in 2016.

According to the World Bank classification, India is currently classified as a low-income country, in which the total national income per person (GNI) is between $ 1006 and $ 555.

The World Bank understands the countries of high-income economies as the countries of gross national income areas of between $ 3, 956 and $ 12,235 per person.

"We have found that what is paid in reforms is the stubbornness ... what are we going to recognize in India, it is to transform today's success into more energy in reforms for the future."

In its 2017 bilateral trade report, the World Bank has given credit for sustained business reforms over the last several years for India's growth in ranking.
The CEO of World Cricket has said that this nature is very rare since the beginning of the survey 15 years ago, compared to the achievement of the 100th rank in the latest work report for the century in cricket language, the World Bank The CEO said.

"I have no doubt that when India wins in the second century of India, in the 2047 century of independence, most people in India will be part of the global middle class. India will be a high middle income country."
Report based on the capital city of New Delhi and the financial center of Mumbai, among the top 10 "thumb" globally, India is doing better in 10 points of eight.

While praising the Modi government's decision to implement the World Bank CEO, Goods and Services Tax, "It was an incredible opportunity to develop India through a unified internal market", the Press Trust of India reported.


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